Check-in for sustainability: How is the hospitality industry going green, and why is that important?

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In the heart of Ljubljana, where the picturesque blend of history and modernity is a daily spectacle, there stands an example of sustainable hospitality – Hotel CUBO. This boutique establishment not only welcomes guests with open arms but also embraces a green ethos that goes beyond the conventional norms of the hotel industry. In this blog, we will discover why sustainability in hotels should go a step further from a mere hot topic.

New perspective

Traditionally, the hospitality industry has not been synonymous with eco-friendly practices, but a transformative paradigm is sweeping through hotel chains, resorts, and restaurants alike. More and more hotel managers have realized that embracing sustainable initiatives is not just an ethical choice but a strategic imperative to thrive in a conscientious market. The pivotal role of sustainability in the hospitality sector cannot be overstated, with a ripple effect that extends far beyond environmental considerations.

By curtailing energy consumption, water usage, and minimizing packaging materials, hospitality enterprises not only contribute to a healthier planet but also wield a potent tool to optimize their bottom line. The allure of simultaneous financial and ethical gains positions sustainability as a cornerstone for any progressive business in the hospitality arena.

Beyond the fiscal advantages, the hospitality industry recognizes that sustainability is a powerful magnet for the modern traveler. A global survey by underscores this shift in consumer preferences, revealing that 87% of travelers express a desire to embark on sustainable journeys, with 68% actively seeking eco-friendly accommodations.

Moreover, the symbiotic relationship between hospitality and the destinations they inhabit underscores the imperative for sustainable practices. Ljubljana, the Green City of Europe, is a great example. By joint actions of government, citizens, and companies, Ljubljana became the green gem of Europe, attracting millions of nature lovers. Hotels simply have to follow this image and act responsibly.ž

Hotel CUBO’s green practices

Back in the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hotel CUBO switched from a buffet to an a la carte breakfast, primarily to comply with all regulations prescribed by health institutions. Nonetheless, the hotel soon realized that in this way they significantly reduced the amount of food waste, and at the same time the guests received the breakfast they wanted in the perfect amount, warm and prepared just for them. Considering the positive reactions of guests, CUBO decided to continue this practice.

Also, through the use of the GUIDO and modern Property Management Systems, the CUBO team replaced the unnecessary printing and use of plastic cards with QR room unlocking, which significantly reduced plastic and paper waste. Digital systems allow the front-desk staff to better control the rooms themselves, in order to maintain the optimal energy level.

One of the first things that sets Hotel CUBO apart is its commitment to sustainable transportation. The hotel offers complimentary electric vehicle charging stations for guests. Bicycles are also available for rent, free of charge! In a city that promotes eco-friendly living, this initiative not only aligns with Ljubljana’s vision, but also caters to the growing number of environmentally conscious travelers.

To the greener future!

As Hotel CUBO exemplifies, sustainability in the hospitality industry is not just a buzzword but a tangible commitment that can be integrated into every aspect of operations. By adopting innovative practices and continually seeking ways to reduce environmental impact, hotels can pave the way for a greener, more responsible future—one check-in at a time.


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