SLOVEnia for Couples

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Coffee, flowers and Ljubljanica

Ljubljana is known as a very picturesque and romantic city. Just imagine sitting with your significant other in one of the cafes next to the river, and looking at the beautiful turquoise water. Bonus tip for guys: Treat your lady with some nice flowers from the central market, it will definitely bring a smile to her face and make her new pictures even more special.



Sunset with the view

There is something special in watching a sunset with the love of your life, especially if the whole experience is enhanced with a glass of wine. The best way to admire Ljubljana in the sunset is, undoubtedly, from Ljubljana Castle. The view of the colourful city just before sunset will definitely fill you with positive energy and calmness. Just add wine and blanket, and everything is ready for long deep talks as the city begins to sparkle.

If you want to go outside Ljubljana, then you should visit Lake Bled. It is a breath-taking place during the day, but at the sunset, it is just magical. We can write about it, but you just have to witness it yourself. You can go for a walk around the lake and then make the experience even sweeter with the famous vanilla and cream dessert “Kremšnita”.

Fun fact: The Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church on the small island in the middle of the lake is a popular wedding location for Slovenians. There are 99 stairs from the dock to the church, and it is customary for the groom to carry the bride all the way to the church’s doors! Finally, the couple goes to ring the bell on the church tower 7 times for luck and happiness.

Ljubljana’s Love Bridge

Slovenians also have their love bridge adorned with padlocks, and it is called the Butchers’ Bridge. I know that many of you will roll your eyes at the idea of putting a padlock with names on the bridge and throwing a key in the river, but if you and your partner are hopeless romantics, there is something cute in marking your visit to a foreign city in this way. Just imagine returning years later and looking for your names on the bridge, reminiscing all those lovely memories from your first visit to Ljubljana.



Picnic in Tivoli park

CUBO has gone all out to ensure that your picnic is not just a picnic, but a memorable experience. We do not offer mediocre sandwiches and supermarket food and beverages, but provide you with treats specially created for you by our chef. The contents of the basket are premium and generous in portion. The gourmet basket contains all the picnic essentials as well, including a blanket, cutlery, and condiments, and the hotel staff will provide you with a few ideas for a perfect picnic spot.

In case you want to have a private and unique experience in beautiful natural surrounding, we can prepare a picnic on the CUBO Golf course in the Smlednik area. The package includes a picnic basket and a ride in a golf cart to a location specially arranged for you.


Visit Island of Love

Ižakovci, a village where the natural island is located, is two hours of car drive away from Ljubljana, close to the southeast border of the country. It is a very popular couple’s destination for centuries, as lovers used to meet there and swim together, far away from curious eyes. Several wooden signs make this place very „Instagramable“, especially for young travel couples. Here you can walk along the river bank between poplars and tulips, take a cable ferry „Brod“ across the Mura river, or discover the cultural and ethnological heritage of the region.

Lake Jasna

If you and your partner are nature lovers, this is the right spot for you. Lake Jasna, one of the most popular swimming spots in Slovenia, is made up of two interconnected artificial lakes. The name derives from the Slovenian word for “clear”, and we must say that it suits the lake well. In the warm summer months, the temperature of the water is somewhere between 17 and 24 °C, so it is a perfect refreshment after spending hours wandering in nature.

Italian charm of Piran  

Piran is a medieval town on the coast of Slovenia, known for beautiful architecture and delicious food.  You can walk alongside the coast all the way to the lighthouse, and then enjoy the sound of waves. There are a couple of beaches where you can jump in the sea and refresh yourself in the warm summer months, out of which the most popular one is Beach Strunjan (Moon Bay).


Walk alongside the flowers in Arboretum

Arboretum, the botanical garden that spreads on 85 ha, is home to 4800 trees, 1200 rose varieties, and 2 million tulips! In other words, the perfect place for a romantic date. The price of a ticket is 8.10 €, and in the summer months, this “flower heaven” is open from 8.00-20.00, from Monday to Saturday. Every season, there are different thematic exhibitions, such as the cactus exhibition, the constellation of orchids, the pumpkin exhibition, snowy nights under lights, etc.

Explore Slovenian castles

There is something romantic and exciting about walking around the castle halls where members of royal families fell in love, shared secrets, organized balls… Besides those famous castles such as the ones in Ljubljana and Bled, there are so many other fascinating castles with a long history and intriguing stories. Our favourites are Strmol, Žužemberk Castle, and Otočec Castle.

It’s wedding time!

And if all of this made you think you want to get married exactly in Slovenia, we have good news for you. Everything you need to know you find out by clicking on the link, and we can suggest a perfect place for your wedding celebration: CUBO golf Smlednik. CUBO’s experienced team will take care of the whole organization, including flower arrangements, food and beverages, arrangement of the space and ceremony, and connect you with the best music performers, photographers, make-up artists and hairstylists in Ljubljana.


Hope you found this blog helpful and in case you decided to visit this lovely country, you can start planning your trip by booking the accommodation. For all additional inquiries, the CUBO team is standing at your disposal.




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