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Why Ljubljana is a perfect location for meetings, incentives, conferences, and events?

Jun 20, 2022 | Blog, Uncategorized


Probably you often hear that conference or meeting is organized in Ljubljana, and if you wonder why everybody is choosing this location, we will list several reasons that makes it a perfect destination for business guests



  1.  Location

Slovenia has an amazing position in central Europe, a good highway connection with major European cities, and proximity to big airports in Venice and Zagreb. The climate is pleasant most of the year, so if you want to organize a conference in Europe, in a city that is close to home, but also different from other capitals, Ljubljana is the right choice. In addition to this, Ljubljana is just 40 minutes of drive away from Lake Bled, which is on a bucket list of many travellers, and that’s not without reason. If you have a couple of hours between the conference and the flight back home, you can easily catch a bus and enjoy the turquoise water of this lake.

  1. Compact city

All major venues are within a walking distance of each other, and the attractions are pretty much concentrated in the city centre, so it really isn’t a problem to find a way in Ljubljana, even without Google maps. While walking from the conference centre to the hotel, you can visit all those must-visit places in Ljubljana or simply enjoy the charming streets of the capital.

  1. Amazing venues

Ljubljana has amazing venues for events of different sizes, from small meeting facilities to 2000 seat conference halls. Just imagine organizing an event for 800 people outdoors, in a historic spot and the most-visited attraction of the city, the Ljubljana Castle. This medieval building is known for its magical events in the courtyard and vineyard. The largest convention centre in Slovenia is Cankarjev dom, which has 22 multi-purpose conference halls, including the Gallus Hall, the largest event venue in this country. Besides congresses, Cankarjev dom is known as the centre of cultural happenings, hosting different theatre and dance shows, exhibitions, etc. We should also not forget to mention Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, which welcomes 500.000 visitors per year in 23 multi-purpose halls.

The CUBO Group has at its disposal two locations for the organisation of business or private events – the Hotel CUBO and CUBO Golf.  For presentations of the new products, smaller meetings, and seminars, hotel CUBO offers an elegant multi-purpose room for events, a conference room, and CUBO hall that could host up to 40 participants. As our guests often say that we have the best food in town, we are known as a great place to organize a dinner for the team, project group, or even a whole company.

For bigger events, both indoor and outdoor, we suggest CUBO golf as a perfect place for larger gatherings like weddings. At our disposal, we have two halls (Eagle and Birdy), Lounge room, CUBO golf restaurant, and a garden, which you can check by clicking this link.

  1. People

Slovenians are known as great hosts, open-minded, and well-organized people. They work like Germans, eat like Italians, and party like Balkans. The majority of the population speaks English, and some of them speak also German or Italian, so communication won’t be an obstacle. Slovenians are known as reliable people, so you rest assured that your Slovenian partner will handle well the organization of the event.

  1. European Green Capital

In the city centre, you don’t have to worry about cars, rather be careful about fast bicycle drivers! Jokes aside, since 2008 the core of the city is closed for cars, and there are so many greener options available that you can use to move around the city, including traditional bicycles, e-scooters, etc. The sustainable policy is a hot topic, and city governance is constantly pushing new regulations that promote sustainable living and the protection of our precious planet Earth. Ljubljana can really serve as a model and inspire many environmental activists, so it is a great spot for meetings on this topic. Besides that, it is one of the rare capitals where you can enjoy raw nature, clear water, and fresh air, and on top of that, Ljubljana is also considered to be one of the capitals with the cleanest streets in Europe.


Let’s be honest, the culinary experience is a huge part of the whole event, and believe us, in Ljubljana you will eat well! The city is known for an amazing mixture of traditional and European cuisine, with local restaurants that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmands. The number of vegetarians and vegans is on the rise in the county, so now most restaurants have incorporated these options into their menus. Locals often joke and say: “We Slovenians don’t produce much, but good food and wine we know.”

If you have any additional questions regarding the organization of the events in CUBO facilities, please don’t hesitate to write us an email. We are more than happy to answer all your questions and be your partner for success.



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