The Ultimate Packing Rulebook

Jun 20, 2022 | Uncategorized, Uncategorized @sl

Travellers can agree on one thing: packing is the most annoying part of the travel preparations. No matter how slowly and carefully you go through your wardrobe, there is always something missing. That’s why we have prepared a small rulebook with a packing list, which will help you get organized and prevent unnecessary waste of money and nerves????

Rule number 1:

Take care of the essentials. If you forget to bring a toothbrush, you can easily buy it at the location, but the real problem is if you forget your wallet or passport. So, rule number one is to think about essentials and pack them in a special purse that goes with you.

Rule number 2:

Check the weather forecast. Don’t just stick to stereotypical images of the destination, and make sure that you match your planned outfits with the weather conditions. It is always a good idea to have something warm, either a jacket or sweatshirt, because even summer nights can be chilly, and you don’t want to catch a cold on your perfect vacation, right?

Rule number 3:

Roll and fold! The century debate on whether the best way to pack clothes is rolling it or folding can be simply resolved: do both. Jeans, shorts and other pieces of clothes that won’t be easily wrinkled can be rolled as it would save a bunch of space in your suitcase, while you can fold more sensitive fashion items.

Rule number 4:

Don’t forget the accessories! Accessories are on the list of things people usually forget to bring and have to buy at the location, especially when it comes to sunglasses. The extra tip to prevent tangling of your necklaces is to place it on a towel or a thin cloth, and then wrap it, and secure it with tape. Thus, you can save some space you would lose with jewellery boxes, and it is a more sustainable solution than plastic bags.

Rule number 5:

Stain remover can save the day! Thinking positively is one thing, but when you pack, it is good to have a “what’s the worst that could happen” attitude. Just imagine you have an important business meeting, and you spill a coffee on your trousers, or a button of your favorite shirt just fells off. For those instances, it is always good to have a small stain remover and a sewing travel kit. Both are cheap and they will save you some money you would otherwise give for chemical cleaning (not to mention stress and panic if you are under time pressure).

Rule number 6:

Pack a laundry bag where you can store dirty clothes. Thus, clean and dirty clothes won’t mix, and the whole unpacking process will be much easier for you when you go back home.   

Rule number 7:

Use the shower caps to pack your shoes. Instead of larger plastic bags, the best way to pack shoes is to divide them in a suitcase and put shower caps over the bottom, to keep your clothes clean. Bonus tip: Fill the shoes with socks to save space.

Rule number 8:

Prepare it then pack it. It is better to lay everything you want to pack in front of you and then you can make a plan how to pack it in the suitcase. When you just put everything immediately in the luggage, at one point, you won’t know what you have packed so far. Trust us, we have been there…When you see everything in front of you, it will be easier to see if something is redundant.

Hope this rulebook might come in handy before your trip to Ljubljana. In case you forget something, don’t worry, there is a big supermarket right behind the hotel CUBO. For everything additional you might need, your CUBO team is there for you 24/7.



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