CUBO hotels & villas

Unforgettable adventures in the company of CUBO Group

Let your visit to Slovenia turn into a perfect adventure. In addition to the beauties of this small land, the CUBO Group offers plenty of options to stay in Ljubljana and its surroundings. With our diverse range of hotels and villas, we can satisfy every need and want of our guests, no matter how demanding. Nature enthusiasts will find CUBO golf villas surrounded by the vast greens of one of the most beautiful golf courses in the region. Those who want to experience the throb of city life will find the Hotel CUBO in an old city building in the centre of the city. Lovers of mountains and pristine nature will soon be able to enjoy the opening of the hotel in Bovec.

Staying in the Hotel CUBO or in a villa is not merely sleeping. Instead, it is a comprehensive experience. The CUBO Group’s speciality is taking care of a complete array of adventures and organising everything you want to experience and take home with you as a souvenir after your visit to Slovenia. In that way, you will save valuable time and money. We will organise trips and culinary experiences across Slovenia for you and take you to the most hidden pearls and tourist attractions. Your time will be organised so that you will get the most out of every event. We will adapt our services to both business and private visitors. If your visit is of a business nature and you need help organising transport to your business partners or renting a car, but also want some relaxing moments in the afternoon, we will organise your day for you. However, if you arrive with your family, we will make sure you all have great fun with sports activities and shopping, but together you will see the pearls of Slovenia and enjoy culinary delicacies.

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